Fresh & Frozen Meals

We have been preparing meals from our kitchen in Kamo, Whangarei for our loyal clientele for over 30 years. Our “HOME” style meals are nutritious using only the best and freshest of ingredients. Our menu is extensive so you can be sure to find your favourite dinner which are perfect for the elderly and those that are too busy to cook a healthy meal for themselves. Our roasts are so popular that they sell out as quickly as we can prepare them. We welcome you to pop into our Kitchen so that you can talk to the Chef and discuss our current specials.


All our meals are preservative and additive free using only the best ingredients. You can be sure that they are healthy yet still a treat.


Our crumbles, cakes and puddings are so good even your mum won’t be able to resist. Our succulent roasts, delicious pasta, tender stews and mouthwatering seafood will remind you of your own home cooking.


Our meals may be fresh or frozen depending on availability. The frozen meals are easily reheated, either in the oven or a microwave, Heat them at home and enjoy. Meals can be bought directly from our kitchen in Kamo, Whangarei or we can deliver to your door.


Please check our facebook page for the most recent Specials.We regularly have a Thursday Fresh Special so like our Facebook page to keep up to date on the weeks special.



The menu caters for every appetite with two sizes, “Lite” or “Medium” size. The menu has over 35 different dishes so you will always have a convenient and nutritious meal to suit your taste or craving. We also have a selection of desserts so you can also reward yourself with a delicious treat.

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